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The 5 Slides in 5 Minutes event is designed to provide presenters with the opportunity to present their research in JUST 5 minutes with ONLY 5 slides to a lay audience of their peers.

Our next event is taking place on Wednesday 15th November, 5-6.30 pm if you would like to come along and hear about the fantastic research taking place at Lincoln book HERE

5 Slides in 5 Minutes programme 

Jack Lampkin

Lincoln law School

College of Social Science

5 Minutes of Treadmill of Production Theory: How Does Capitalism Exacerbate Ecological Disorganisation through Withdrawals and Additions?

 Paul Sinclair

School of Film & Media

College of Arts

 Animating lived-experience; a practice-based enquiry into media, metaphor and therapeutic narrative models in cognitive psychology

 Sofia Silva

School of Life Sciences

College of Science

Interaction between genetic variation and susceptibility to environmental challenges in Mediterranean dolphins

Tariqul Islam

Lincoln International Business School

Revisiting Theories of Corporate Governance: An Emerging Market Perspective