Beginning your PhD 10-10

Newly enrolled PGR student? Don’t forget to attend our Doctoral School Induction. Aimed at those starting their PhD, this session focuses on the early phase of the PhD process with the objective of ensuring participants get off to a good start. The workshop will consider: the selection of a topic; identifying an argument and hypothesis; examining the role of the literature; the phases associated with undertaking a PhD; and how to plan and approach the thesis. The purpose of the PhD, and the range of skills required, will also be explored.

 ‘Lots of discussion opportunity’ – Hayley Robinson, Lincoln Institute of Health

The session will then address participants’ training needs and identify sources of advice and guidance, including activities that can help ensure participants are able to make the most of their PhD experience: participating in conferences and research seminars, contributing to newsletters, e-bulletins, blogs, etc. The workshop will conclude with a set of recommendations for successful completion made by supervisors and examiners as well as recent PhDs, including the importance of having the right mind-set and an effective record keeping system.  Lastly, the session will contain information about the Doctoral School and the services we provide for PhD students, with added introductions from key services such as the Library and Student Wellbeing.

Beginning Your PhD: Getting off to a Flying Start

Tuesday, 10 October 2017 | 09:30 to 13:30

Village Hall | Room VH0001

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