Public sociology and the role of the researcher: engagement, communication and academic activism

Wednesday 29 March 2017
Queens Building
De Montfort University

What is the role of the researcher outside the academy? This event invites Postgraduate and Early Career Researchers to innovate and critically reflect on three related areas of public sociology: academic activism, public engagement, and participation and co-production. It encourages researchers to articulate and address diverse challenges, such as neutrality, networking, and whether activism can be considered a form of public engagement.

The keynote lecture, from distinguished speaker Dr Mark Carrigan, Digital Fellow, The Sociological Review, is titled “What does it mean to be a public sociologist in the era of @realDonaldTrump?”. This will be followed by three presentations by invited speakers on subjects as diverse as ethics and emotion work in FGM research, participant engagement in a study on LGBT people with MS, and reflections on ethnographic research with Iraqi refugees.

This will be followed by “Atomised Mothers. Isolation, Austerity and the Politics of Parenting”, a film created using participatory methods, a participatory session, interactive workshops, and the chance to network and discuss work with fellow researchers. Lunch is included, to give people the opportunity to chat.

There are two opportunities for participants to present: a five-minute presentation and/or a poster presentation, with a small prize for the best presentation and the best poster.

Please download the BSA Postgrad StudyDay advertising abstracts document for full details, including titles, abstracts and the call for presentation abstracts and posters.

Find out how to take part and book your place on the BSA website:

For further information, please contact Sasha Loyal