Excursions, an interdisciplinary peer-reviewed journal run from the University of Sussex, is promoting a call for papers inviting abstracts for their associated symposium in September.

Call for Papers and Abstracts: Networks

The Excursions Journal is seeking abstracts of 250 – 300 words for a symposium due to take place at the University of Sussex on 27 September 2017, and journal articles of 3000-5000 words.

The call for papers concerns the theme of networks broadly understood across all disciplines, and how they influence our daily lives.  

“We are interested in receiving submissions from a range of disciplines that engage with instances, contemporary and historic, where the networks we have established matter.”

For further details download the call for papers document: http://lncn.eu/erz6

Deadlines for abstract submissions
The deadline for abstract submissions for the symposium is 31 July 2017, abstracts should be between 250 – 300 words, and include a short author bio (no more than 50 words).  Please submit all abstracts via enquiries@excursions-jorunal.org

Deadlines for journal submissions
The deadline for journal submissions is 31 October 2017. Scholarly papers should be between 3,000 and 5,000 words and must follow Harvard style guidelines. We also encourage creative submissions in media such as film, photography, or audio. For creative submissions, please include an abstract and a brief biography (no more than 150 words) along with your submission. All enquiries should be directed to enquiries@excursions-journal.org.uk

For further information please contact: Heather McKnight, Co-Editor, Excursions Journal, University of Sussex

About Excursions
Excursions is an online peer reviewed journal, designed to showcase high-quality, innovative and inventive postgraduate research. “Based at the University of Sussex, we aim to encourage work that plays with the permeable nature of academic disciplines.”  For further information visit the journal website: http://www.excursions-journal.org.uk/