immortalising research

Do you have research data sitting on the shelf in folders or multiple external hard drives? Don’t let your work sit there unnoticed! Several journals and funding bodies now require researchers to share their data when they publish and a number of different platforms have recently been developed to facilitate the data sharing and distribution process. Each researcher now produces a variety of different outputs from their work, including quantitative datasets, images, videos, software, hardware and biological libraries. How should you organise, store and manage your data? How can you create a clear, scalable, logical system for managing your data and files

Researchers can now take advantage of new online tools to store their research outputs, compliment their publications and promote their work. Individual identifiers such as ORCID can be used to mark an individual’s publications, data and more. Recent research has shown that those who share their data receive more citations for their work and regulations now require all publications funded by the Research Councils to be open access within a certain time after publication.

This workshop will cover the different types of open access publishing, discuss data sharing, explore different types of research outputs and describe how to optimise data storage and management.

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Immortalising Your Research: Ethics, Sharing & Data

DATE: Wednesday, 29th March 2017

TIME: 09:30 to 12:30


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