Dr Niko Kargas from the School of Psychology and Dr Paul Baxter from the School of Computer Science will both lead the next LIH Interdisciplinary Research Development Exchange entitled, Autism, and Robots for Cognitive and Social Skills Training.

LIH Interdisciplinary Research Development Exchange 11:45am-1pm*
Wednesday 29th November 2017
David Chiddick Building—DCB1103

A range of technology is being taken advantage of in the support of people on the autism spectrum, by providing tools to facilitate daily life for example. More recently, robots have been applied in this domain, particularly for children, where robots have been used as interaction partners for teaching socially relevant behaviours (e.g. imitation, turn taking, joint attention, self-regulation). In this seminar we aim to achieve four things (each very brief). Firstly, we will provide a very brief overview of such robot applications to provide some context. Secondly, we will summarise a brief study we recently conducted, which illustrates some of the general approaches/methodologies we employ. Thirdly, we will outline some of the research directions we are planning to explore next. Finally, we will provide an introduction to the Autism Research and Innovation Centre (ARIC), its objectives, and how this planned work fits within the centre. Our aim in this session is to seek ideas and collaborations within the LIH to build up this research and application effort (and ultimately the funding to enable this to happen!).

The Lincoln Institute for Health extends a warm welcome to all interested in this exciting area.

*11:45-1pm presentation with Q&A