Nominations for THE Outstanding Research Supervisor of the Year Award NOW OPEN!

The UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE) are proud to continue their sponsorship of the Outstanding Research Supervisor of the Year award category at the Times Higher Education Awards 2017.

This award will again be given to the individual who has created the most supportive, stimulating and inspirational research environment for doctoral students.

Entries will be accepted from institutions, supervisors themselves or their students or colleagues, but in all cases the institution must support the submission and student testimonies must be included in the supplementary documentation.

The qualities we will be looking for in nominees might include:

•Evidence of outstanding results of their supervision over a number of years (Have students from a range of backgrounds been encouraged to pursue a doctorate? What have they gone on to achieve?)
•A pioneering approach to supervision: what has the nominee done above and beyond that which is expected of any good supervisor?
•Demonstrable enthusiasm for the role and going the extra mile to help students navigate through difficulties, academic or otherwise
•Challenging students intellectually and helping them to make substantial contributions to their academic field
•Providing additional support and facilities to give greater scope to their research
•Providing supervision to an exceptional number of candidates over time
•Offering constructive employment and career advice post-graduation

Entries are open online until Wednesday 28th June 2017. Click here to Enter