Part-time Researcher – Beginnings Workshop
Act One, Scene Two! How to keep going once you have started.

This workshop is open to all students attending universities within the Midland Hub, 10 places are currently available with a view to open more if the uptake is increased.

The workshop will be held at the Open University, Walton Hall, Milton Keynes, on Monday 18 June 2018, 09.30 – 16.30:
Venue: Christodoulou CMR 15.

The event will be subsidised by the Open University, but you will be expected to pay for your own travel and accommodation costs if required.

Target Audience: This course is aimed at Research Students at the start of their research journey (6-18months PT). They are likely to have attended some element of university or department induction course and perhaps some research specific skills.

Overview: This programme has been designed to help part-time researchers navigate some of the practical issues of their early days from a self-management perspective as they start to organise themselves and their research and think about how their supervisor relationship will develop.
Participants work with other doctoral researchers from different disciplines through a series of
activities specific to this stage in their research. The purpose is to give consideration to skills and practices that they already have in their repertoire and to consider new ways to use these skills and the new skills that they will need to acquire.
By sharing social time and informal discussions over lunch and during break times, we hope to foster informal networks and personal contacts which are helpful in sustaining enthusiasm and focus during the mid- stages of your Ph.D. research. Students usually find this aspect of workshops a real boost to motivation.
During this workshop participants will:
– build awareness of current skills applicable to their doctorate and areas for further development
through acknowledging the progress already made.
– identify and apply practical tools and techniques for self-management and time management of research activities.
– understand the supervisor role in their research and how to manage this relationship through
identifying techniques to effectively communicate and develop this relationship now and in the
– recognise the difference between PT study and FT study to ensure progress is measured
realistically and rewardingly by creating an action plan to take productive steps forward to complete their doctorate

Dr Katy R Mahoney is an independent professional development coach, trainer and consultant. She specialises in project coaching, supporting researchers who want improve their productivity, self-confidence and communication skills in order deliver successful research projects on time and on budget.
If you would like to attend please contact: Academic Professional Development Team by emailing:

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