“We are looking for healthy, active, male participants (aged 18-50 years), to take part in an exercise physiology research study within the School of Sport & Exercise Science.”

This study will examine some of the ways that the cardiorespiratory and metabolic demands of submaximal and maximal treadmill exercise are currently determined, whilst providing you with information regarding your current fitness levels that may be beneficial to your training/exercise (i.e. maximum heart rate and aerobic capacity/fitness).

Involvement in the study will require just one visit to the Human Performance Centre laboratories between August and October to run on a treadmill across a range of intensities (i.e. gradually progressing from walking to maximum run speed) – with performance, physiological and psychological measures taken throughout. This will take between 60-75 minutes in total.

More specifically, we require participants who have;

  • No known musculoskeletal injuries/disorders, cardiovascular disease, cancer, renal disease, diabetes, pulmonary disease or current use of blood pressure medication
  • Undertaken at least 2.5 hours per week of moderate-to-vigorous exercise (i.e. noticeably/substantially increases breathing, sweating and heart rate) for at least the last 3 months
  • Previous experience of exercising on treadmills.

If you are interested and think you may be suitable for this study, please review the contact Dr Danny Taylor for further details by email