Will Medd

Leaving school at 16, Will Medd experienced the worlds of international competition, sponsorship and outdoor instructing in windsurfing.  Re-entering education at 20, Will finished a PhD at Lancaster in 1999 and worked as a contract researcher at the University of Salford from 2000-2004, before returning to Lancaster University in 2004, still on research contracts, and then as a Lecturer in Human Geography from 2006, leaving in 2013 to concentrate on coaching work.

Will’s interest in coaching traces back to his aforementioned windsurfing days.  Through competition he became fascinated with the ‘inner game’ and the power of a shift in attitude.  Through instructing windsurfing, Will was amazed by how much more people learnt through ‘playing’ than by trying to ‘do it right’.

Will’s approach is to use coaching as a supportive yet challenging intervention that provokes you to explore and to take actions that will shift your experience of university life and help you achieve what you define to be important as an academic.

More information on Will Medd’s coaching can be found here: www.willmedd.com

‘Will Medd is a fantastic motivator and really helps to combat those writing demons and get you started or re-motivated on a project/paper…Highly recommended!’” -Emma Stanley, School of Chemistry