During your time as a PGR student, we encourage you to share your research with the wider academic community – a great way to do this is by contributing to and attending research conferences supported by the Doctoral School.

Annual Postgraduate Student Conference


Every year the Doctoral School hosts a thematic conference specifically for students to attend and/or participate through presentations or posters. The conference provides a forum for research students to explore, uncover, debate and share knowledge on new and existing research themes and also enable them to take lessons learned back into their studies and research practices.

The theme for the conference is selected each year by the postgraduate student research community and reflects the current issues, and topics within the sector.


Theme: Research Methodologies

“The design and use of research methodologies in new contexts – As scholars we are dependent upon the strength and appropriate use of research methods to qualify and underpin our research enquiry and data. As the research environment becomes more complex to respond to the drive for larger scale studies and collaborative research with other academics and external partners, must the design and use of research methods consider new parameters and dynamics in response to these demands?”

The East Midlands Doctoral Network (EMDoC) Annual Student Conference

The University of Lincoln is part of the East Midlands Doctoral Network (EMDoC), which consists of nine universities within the East Midlands region, together we are united in our missions to share best practice, resources and insights into postgraduate research, as well as providing opportunities for collaboration and networking amongst the organisations’ students. Every year EMDoC provides the opportunity for students from all organisations to participate and attend an EMDoC conference.

Visit the EMDoc website for details of the 2017 annual EMDoc Conference: Global Perspectives

Get involved

If you would like to participate at the next EMDoc conference, by presenting or submitting a poster  please contact the Doctoral School for details