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All supervisors who are new to supervising research degree students at the University of Lincoln are required to attend the Supervisor Training Session before they can be confirmed on the research supervision team. The workshops provide an overview of the processes involved in managing a research degree student as well as providing opportunities for you to pick up many hints and tips and to discuss the ‘art’ of supervision with experienced supervisors. These workshops take place throughout the academic year.

Under the University of Lincoln Research regulations, existing research supervisors are required to attend an update Supervisor Training session every 4 years. A record of your last training date can be found below. You will be contacted when you are due to undertake an update session. These will take place throughout the academic year.

Supervisor Training Dates

Please find below the latest available supervisor training sessions, click the date to register your place.

Please note if you are unable to attend your college session, all other sessions are available for you to attend as well.

College of Science – 13th June 2018; 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm

Viva Chair Training

College of Arts – 2nd July 2018; 2.00 pm until 4.00 pm

PGR Supervisor Training Regulation Updates

Please follow the links below to access the latest University of Lincoln research regulations and a summary of changes for the academic year 2017/18:


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