Great Lives: Stewart Lee | 17 October

stewart-lee-300x204Staff and students are invited to the next in our Great Lives series, a talk by Stewart Lee on Tuesday 17th October, Jackson Lecture Theatre, 4.00pm.

Comedian, writer and director Stewart Lee has had an incredibly varied and successful career including successfully writing award-winning TV and radio shows and directing and co-writing Jerry Springer The Opera.

Stewart Lee visits the University of Lincoln for the first time to about his career which spans across comedy, performance, writing, TV, radio, theatre and music reviewing in an informal but informative conversational session where the audience will hear a very personal and inspiring account of a career in comedy, culture and the arts overcoming adversity.

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Great Lives: James Kakalios – The Physics of Superhereos | 7 Sept

Staff and students are invited to attend the next Great Lives lecture, to be given by James Kakalios on The Physics of Superheroes on 7 September 2017.

Physics professor, bestselling author, and dynamic storyteller James Kakalios will bring the world of Physics to life in a unique talk using superheroes from well-known comic books to illustrate fundamental physics principles for young and old minds alike. The audience will be invited to ponder whether superhero, the Flash becomes heavier as he tries to run at the speed of light, the chemical composition of Captain America’s shield, and who is faster: Superman or the Flash amongst explaining other predicaments our most loved capped crusaders get themselves into.

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