Santander Postgrad Research Project Fund applications close today

Santander Universities

In 1996 Emilio Botín, Chairman of Santander, decided that the bank should be useful to the communities in which it operates. With the conviction that the University is a vital cornerstone of development and progress, the division began to grow and so did its global outreach; eventually expanding into more than 20 countries, including Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal and the UK. So far, Santander Universities has donated over €1 billion in the shape of scholarships, mobility grants, support for special projects and academic and non-academic awards.

The University of Lincoln has been awarded funding to extend Santander’s mandate for internationalisation and innovation, and are pleased to announce a new call dedicated to support for research undertaken by our postgraduate research students.

Open to all postgraduate research students

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Project Management for Researchers: Designing, Executing & Completing


A Ph.D. is an excellent and unique degree that only a small number of people have the opportunity to experience, but it can also be difficult, frustrating and time consuming. Planning and managing your Ph.D. effectively can make the process less stressful and will help you to finish within your allotted time.

Managing your own expectations and those of your supervisor can be challenging and it is important to frequently review your progress and discuss it. All Ph.D. students must design and manage their own project, stick to a research plan, manage their time, present their work regularly and ensure that they are making sufficient progress.

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The Ivan Juritz Prize 2017

Postgraduates from institutions throughout the EU are invited to submit projects that exhibit formal or creative daring. These might include creative writing (up to 2000 words), images, films (up to 15 minutes), digital artefacts, performances, or musical compositions.

The prize is a collaboration between the Centre for Modern Literature and Culture at King’s College London and Cove Park, Scotland’s International Artist Residency Centre. Winners receive £1,000 and spend the first two weeks of September at Cove Park engaging in a residency and showcase.

All shortlisted works are given a public performance at the prize-giving and are written up in the journal Textual Practice. The deadline is March 31 2017.

The prize will judged by Lisa Appignanesi, Rachel Cusk, Dexter Dalwood, Julian Forrester, Jeremy Harding, Deborah Levy, Stephen Romer, Fiona Shaw, and Ryan Wigglesworth.

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