Getting Your First Article Published

Getting your first article published 17-10

Much importance is now attached to ‘getting published’. This session offers some practical guidance for publishing your research.
The workshop begins by asking why publish – what are the reasons for publishing and what are the benefits of doing so? Attention will then turn to journal selection and where to publish, before the question of how to get published is addressed. Here consideration will be given to the writing stage – the steps involved and the need to think about the journal’s readership. The subjects of article structuring and referencing, as well as preparing the final manuscript, will also be examined.
In the second part of the session the focus will turn to the submission process, including the writing of covering letters, before consideration is given to dealing with feedback, including handling revisions and managing possible rejections. The session will finish with some recommendations from those ‘in the know’, amongst them journal editors, as well as suggestions on the intermediate steps that can be taken to support the successful submission of your first article, including writing for newsletters and contributing to blogs and e-bulletins.

By the end of the workshop, participants will have:

  • Explored the reasons and motivations for publishing
  • Gained an understanding of the stages involved in preparing a paper for publication
  • Considered how to structure an academic article
  • Acquired an understanding of the submission process and how to handle feedback
  • Considered a range of recommendations for success in getting published.

Getting Your First Article Published

Tuesday, 17 October 2017 from 09:30 to 12:30

Village Hall: Room VH0002

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Navigating Peer Review: Challenges, Responses & Publishing

navigating peer-review

All researchers will encounter peer review during their career, both as an author of research papers, books, fellowship applications or grants and as an expert who has been asked to review one of these documents. This workshop will introduce researchers to the peer review system, the process, the complexities, the responsibilities of the author and the reviewer and how to get the most out of the experience.

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Immortalising Your Research: Ethics, Sharing & Data workshop

immortalising research

Do you have research data sitting on the shelf in folders or multiple external hard drives? Don’t let your work sit there unnoticed! Several journals and funding bodies now require researchers to share their data when they publish and a number of different platforms have recently been developed to facilitate the data sharing and distribution process. Each researcher now produces a variety of different outputs from their work, including quantitative datasets, images, videos, software, hardware and biological libraries. How should you organise, store and manage your data? How can you create a clear, scalable, logical system for managing your data and files

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Open Access & Research Information

Open Access

The library currently delivers a number of academic development workshops specifically for postgraduate research students.

Book now onto the library’s upcoming Open Access & Research Information workshop. Learn more about the current publishing landscape, and how it may affect your work with regards to Open Access and copyright.

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