Questionnaires: Theory into Practice

Questionnaires-Theory 24-10

This interactive, follow-up session is aimed at those planning to deploy questionnaires in their research. Drawing on examples of questionnaires used in the field, participants will work on developing their own questionnaires (either from scratch or from designs they already have). Continue reading “Questionnaires: Theory into Practice”

Questionnaires: An Introduction & Overview

Questionnaires-Introduction 17-10

Questionnaires – whether administered electronically or by more traditional means – are a widely used research method, including in the collection of qualitative data. This workshop considers the questionnaire, its context, and the kinds of data the questionnaire is capable of capturing. We will then explore the questionnaire structure: its layout and appearance; the ordering and types of question posed; as well as approaches to maximising response rates and ensuring validity in the data collected. In addition, consideration will be given to sampling techniques and guidance of questionnaire deployment. Continue reading “Questionnaires: An Introduction & Overview”