Lincoln School of Film and Media Research Seminars

Wednesday 5th April
Guest Speaker: Dr Paolo Ruffino

Abstract Title: Are there video games after death? The rise of algorithmic gaming.

In recent years the medium of the video game has redefined the role and agency of players. Games for mobile phones and social network often marginalise the players by asking them to wait for long periods of time before performing the next move (Clash of Clans, 2012; Farmville, 2009). There are games that play by themselves (Cookie Clicker, 2014; San Andreas Streaming Deer Cam, 2016), and games that are played by automated bots developed by the players themselves to avoid playing their games. 3D environments for games are now also generated by algorithmic processes (No Man’s Sky, 2016). What definition of play and fun is at stake in this trend? Why is it that players seem to progressively disappear from their own games? In this presentation I will discuss about my current research around these phenomena, and explore the possibility of a post-human form of digital gaming, one where life itself comes to be redefined.

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