LIH Research Development Seminar | 27 September

Matthew Simmonds from the School of Life Sciences will lead the next LIH Research Development Seminar entitled, Using Differences in Genetic Variants between Pancreas Transplant Donors and Recipients to Predict Long-Term Pancreas Graft Function.

Wednesday 27th September 2017, 11.45am-2pm*
Joseph Banks Laboratories – JBL0C05

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New research features in Journal of Experimental Biology


The results of a fascinating new study by researchers from the School of Life Sciences are published today (17th August 2017) in the Journal of Experimental Biology

This Leverhulme-funded research, carried out by Dr Fernando Montealegre-Z, Dr Thorin Jonsson and Benedict Chivers, investigates a unique form of amplification in the sound generation system of a tropical bush cricket.

All bush crickets generate their acoustic mating calls through tegminal stridulation: the rubbing together of their specially modified forewings. A scraper (also known as the plectrum) is passed along a series of hardened teeth with the subsequent vibrations being amplified by specialised wing cells which act similarly to speaker membranes. However, the species in this study (the Neotropical bush cricket Acanthacara acuta) utilises an extraordinary bodily structure to further amplify its call through resonance.

The full story is featured on the School of Life Sciences blog, and the paper is available to read online.

Do yeasts regulate coexistence of sympatric Drosphila species?

Research Seminar
This week’s speaker for the University of Lincoln research seminar series is Dr Catrin Gunther, School of Life Sciences, University of Lincoln.

Venue: JBL3C01
Time: 1.00pm
Date: Friday 9th June 2017

Title: Do yeasts regulate coexistence of sympatric Drosophila species?

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Lincoln scientist features on BBC’s Countryfile


Dr Colin Butter, one of the UK’s leading authorities on avian flu with expertise in animal science, virology and immunology, featured on BBC One’s Countryfile on Sunday 5th February.

Dr Butter, from the University of Lincoln’s School of Life Sciences, appeared on the BBC’s flagship Sunday evening programme alongside presenter Tom Heap as part of a feature exploring the current outbreak of avian flu across the UK.

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