What will be the next big scientific breakthrough?

Throughout history, speculation has spurred beautiful, revolutionary science opening our eyes to entirely new universes. “I’m not talking about science that takes baby steps,” says Eric Haseltine.

“I’m talking about science that takes enormous leaps.” In this talk, Haseltine passionately takes us to the edges of intellectual pursuit with two ideas — one that’s already made history, and the other that’s digging into one of humanity’s biggest questions with admirable ambition.

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How Christmas lights helped guerrillas put down their guns

“In my lifetime, I have never lived one day of peace in my country,” says Jose Miguel Sokoloff an advertising executive from Columbia.

Jose saw a chance to help guerrilla fighters choose to come home with smart marketing. He shares how some creative, welcoming messages have helped thousands of guerrillas decide to put down their weapons and the key insights behind these surprising tactics.

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