2017 Images of Research Competition Launch

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Images of Research Competition 2017

The Graduate School is pleased to announce the launch of the 2017 Images of Research Competition, please find below all the information you require regarding the competition and participating.

What is the Images of Research Competition?

The Images of Research Competition showcases the research taking place at the University of Lincoln. Participants are asked to submit a unique image, along with an abstract of 150 words describing how the image reflects their research.

Who can participate?

Any staff member or student can participate who is undertaking research at the University of Lincoln.


The winning entries will be decided by a panel of Staff and Students representative of the University.
•Overall winner receives £100 amazon voucher
•People Choice Winner £100 amazon voucher
• All entries will be part of the exhibition with winner and runner up images developed into posters for display
How to Enter 

Download the checklist and Application form HERE and return the completed application form with your image to graduateschool@lincoln.ac.uk before the closing date Friday 10th March 2017

For further information or queries please contact graduateschool@lincoln.ac.uk 

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