All research students at the University of Lincoln belong to the Doctoral School as well as to their own College and Schools. We seek to enhance the doctoral experience by providing a comprehensive Researcher Development programme and developing a sense of community for researchers from across all academic disciplines.

We aim to deliver an experience for all of our research students by providing a range of seminars, conferences, networking opportunities and social events, in addition to our formal development programme.

Supporting Postgraduate Researchers

1. Researcher Development

The Doctoral School Researcher Development Programme is delivered under 4 thematic areas listed below. These are specifically designed to enable you to identify and develop skills and acquire the knowledge and expertise needed to achieve standards of excellence in your research and professional life. These workshops are delivered by expert facilitators from across the University and externally, and will support our students at all stages of their research.

  • Research Skills
  • Communication Development
  •  Writing & Publishing
  •  Career Development

Our programme is aligned with the Researcher Development Framework (RDF). This is a nationally recognised benchmark of the skills and abilities that are needed by effective researchers. This framework is endorsed by all the UK Research Councils as well as other influential bodies. The RDF sets out the skills needed for research into four domains:

  • Knowledge and intellectual capabilities;
  • Personal effectiveness;
  • Research, governance and organisation;
  • Engagement, influence and impact

Each workshop we deliver is matched to one of the four domains.

2. Community

As a postgraduate research student at Lincoln you are part of a thriving research community which is supported by the Doctoral School through workshops, seminars and events. Networking with other PGRs is a valuable way to share thoughts, ideas and knowledge across disciplines. We therefore encourage you to attend Doctoral School events to meet other like-minded PGRs to enhance your research network.

We are happy to provide support and help facilitate new ideas and opportunities for you, so if you have any ideas for academic, networking and social events, please send your suggestions to

We are also active on social media platforms and have a blog, Facebook and Twitter pages to enable all PGRs to stay connected and share ideas, news, research advice and issues. You can use this platform to advertise your School events, call for research participants, and find out more about what is going on both across the university and within the Doctoral School.

Please contact us for more information on how to utilise this resource.

3. Networks

We collaborate with organisations on a regional, national and international basis who focus on the support and guidance around the doctoral researcher experience.

Vitae provide a huge range of invaluable resources for all types of postgraduate researchers and research staff, including tips on managing your doctorate, working with your supervisors, and careers advice.

They also run a range of events for postgraduate researchers, which includes GRAD schools and careers events. Dependent upon your funding source, many of these events are free and may be a good opportunity for you to meet other PhD students and develop your career in research.

Vitae also produce an electronic newsletter for postgraduate researchers, keeping you up-to-date with some serious—and not so serious—aspects of doctorate study.

We are also a member of The East Midlands Doctoral Network (EMDoC), a collaboration of the nine Universities in the region which brings opportunities for you to present at an annual conference and network with peers outside of Lincoln.

Other organisations include the UK Council for Graduate Education (UKCGE), European Universities Association (EUA) and the National Co-ordinating Centre for Public Engagement (NCCPE). A full list of useful networks and other resources can be found on our resources page.

4. Your Feedback

At the Doctoral School, our aim is to bring your perspective firmly into all that we do. We ensure that students are at the helm of our offering and that we are able to proactively advocate engagement more broadly across the postgraduate research student community.

We actively engage with your feedback and invite members of the research student community to contact us throughout their study with suggestions and ideas. We also provide platforms for students to feedback to us in different ways, through focus groups, surveys, evaluation forms, social media, or just by getting in touch.

Contact the Doctoral School

We are always receptive to feedback and openly encourage student engagement in the services and facilities we offer, if you would like to submit any ideas for events, training or any other feedback regarding The Doctoral School please contact us.