What is The Brilliant Club?

The Brilliant Club is an award-winning charity that exists to widen access to highly-selective universities for underrepresented groups, by mobilising researchers to bring academic expertise into state schools. They recruit, train and place doctoral and postdoctoral researchers in schools and sixth form colleges to deliver programmes of university-style tutorials to small groups of pupils. Through The Scholars Programme, pupils develop the knowledge, skills and ambition that help them to secure places at highly-selective universities.

Training & Course Preparation:

Whilst you are part of The Brilliant Club delivering tutorials as a Scholars Programme PhD tutor, you will take part in our Researcher Development Programme. This involves training in teaching and widening participation, to develop you both as an academic within your institution, and as a widening participation professional. There are three training weekends every year, one preceding each round of placements. Attending the training weekend is a required part of taking up a placement. Course preparation varies by placement, and will include either designing a course based on your own research, or, for younger years, developing a pre-designed course developed by researchers and teachers.

In School Placements

The Brilliant Club runs The Scholars Programme across England, Scotland and Wales. At the application stage, prospective PhD tutors can specify their preferred location or locations. They pay PhD tutors £500 on the completion of every placement undertaken, and also provide reasonable travel expenses. A PhD Tutor can take on up to three placements each term, earning £500 per placement and so up to £1,500 per term. Each placement undertaken represents about 20-22 hours of contact time with pupils. Further to this, there is an estimated 25-35 hours of course preparation, tutorial planning and marking. Potential PhD tutors should seek their supervisor’s permission to take part in the programme.

By applying to The Brilliant Club, you are not committing to a specific placement, and you will be able to confirm both during and after the assessment process your ability to be placed for the coming terms. They will check in with you at the end of each term to see whether you are available for upcoming placements over the upcoming term, and there is no mandatory number of placements to complete.

Rachel Williams - University of Lincoln Alumni

“It was such a pleasure to get to know bright young
people, and to talk to them about my research and
other interesting topics. I cannot recommend The
Scholars Programme enough.”

How to Apply:

To work as a PhD tutor, please visit The Brilliant Club website and look at under Researchers tab.  There you will find details of upcoming recruitment events, an application form and application guidance. Please complete the application form, which will then be reviewed by a member of The Scholars Programme team. The application process is open throughout the year, and when all placements for a programme have been filled, any existing applications will roll over to the next set of placements.

If your application is successful, you will then be invited to an assessment centre convenient for you. You will be required to attend for roughly two hours, with assessment centres taking place on campus throughout the year. The assessment centre consists of four activities:

Mini Lesson

Delivered to two Brilliant Club assessors.

Written Evaluation

Written in response to your mini lesson.

Group Activity

Interactive activity involving Brilliant Club facilitators.

Short Interview

Conducted by the visiting scheme  representatives.

Contact The Brilliant Club:

If you have any queries regarding the organisation, the opportunity to work as a Brilliant Club PhD Tutor, or the application process please send The Brilliant Club an email at: apply@thebrilliantclub.org

If you would like to speak to them directly, then please feel free to call their Head Office on 020 7921 4540.