Postgraduate Student's Union Representatives

In the table below is a list of the currently elected Student’s Union Postgraduate Research Representatives. If you would like to contact them, please select their name and get in touch by email.

Name School
Elanor Jayne School of English and Journalism
Francesco Caliva School of Computer Science
Robert Bode Labs  School of Computer Science
Theresa Marriott School of Education
Mary Sheehy  School of Education
Anna Rebecca Thomson  School of Health & Social Care
Christian Weck School of Pharmacy
Zeyana Mohammed Lincoln School of Design
 AbdelRahman Ahmed Ibrahim Mahmoud Lincoln School of Architecture And The Built Environment
 Joseph Bryan PhD Life Sciences
 Sangwani Kamudoni Nyasulu School of Social and Political Science
Chidera Hilarion School of Chemistry
Darren Page School of Chemistry
Diane Ranyard School of History and Heritage
Paul Sinclair School of Film and Media

Bradley Allsop | Postgraduate Research Officer

Bradley Allsop

Quotation start Hello, my name is Bradley and I’m your Postgraduate Research Officer at the Students’ Union for this academic year – my job is to represent all PGR students to the university and beyond. If you need anything at all, or even just want to have a chat, you can reach me at Quotation end

Some of my priorities for the year include:

  • Working to improve employment rights for PGR students who do academic work for the University
  • Improving the welfare of PGR students, particularly in the area of mental health  
  • Developing a community, online and on campus for postgraduate students

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