Mindfulness-Based Strengths Practice

This 8-week workshop/program is about engaging more deeply with life. The crux is self-awareness and self-discovery. It combines two powerful and popular approaches that are being used in schools, clinics, universities, scientific labs, and businesses worldwide: mindfulness meditation and character strengths. Emphasis is placed on exercises that are discussed and practiced each week. This course teaches the basics of mindfulness and of character strengths, and offers more advanced, practical ways to integrate the two. It presents a unique angle to living one’s best life, re-discovering happiness, and achieving goals, finding deeper meaning and life engagement, and coping with problems

Mindfulness Practice

Participants practice mindful breathing, listening, speaking, eating, walking, mindfulness of problems, loving-kindness meditation, brief mindfulness, and many other practices.

Character Strengths Practices

Participants practice strengths-spotting, use of signature strengths, character strengths 360, strengths branding, strengths interview, valuing strengths in others, best possible self, strengths goal-setting, strengths-activity mapping, strengths gathas, and many others.

Core Topics

The following are the eight core themes by session:

  • Session 1: Mindfulness and Autopilot
  • Session 2: Your Signature Strengths
  • Session 3: Obstacles are Opportunities
  • Session 4: Strengthening Mindfulness in Everyday Life (Strong Mindfulness)
  • Session 5: Valuing Your Relationships
  • Session 6: Mindfulness of the Golden Mean (Mindful Strengths Use)
  • Session 7: Authenticity and Goodness
  • Session 8: Your Engagement with Life

Purposes of MBSP

Despite the many benefits of mindfulness, most people who start a mindfulness practice do not keep it up. Character strengths offer ways for individuals to better deal with obstacles and barriers that naturally emerge. Character strengths work offers a common language to capture positive qualities individuals can learn and bring their mindful attention more closely to. Mindfulness and character strengths are interdependent and can create a virtuous circle of mutual benefit. Mindfulness facilitates increased self-awareness and potential for change activation by bringing one’s character strengths more clearly into view. Offers a path for individuals to use their best strengths more, and be more attuned to a balanced expression that is sensitive to the situation and to potential overuse/under-use.


  • Build deeper knowledge of the best qualities in people
  • Cultivate strengths awareness and strengths use.
  • Boost mindfulness as an always-available approach to use in life
  • Gain several concrete practices to boost happiness and manage stress and difficulties
  • Experienced potential increases in happiness, engagement, meaning, purpose, better relationships
  • Improve stress and problem management

Information Sessions

Monday 17th September 2018, 12 – 2pm

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Tuesday 18th September 2018, 10 – 12 Book now

Friday 21st September 2018, 10 – 12

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 Wellbeing Welcome Week   Student-Wellbeing-RGB-Transparent-280x300

Taking place 17th – 21st September, this week is themed around preparing to study and will include many activities and events from Student Services to you help mentally acclimatise with your study. Workshops and events are open to PGR students and some information will be specifically tailor to postgraduate study.