LIH Research Development Seminar | 27 September

Matthew Simmonds from the School of Life Sciences will lead the next LIH Research Development Seminar entitled, Using Differences in Genetic Variants between Pancreas Transplant Donors and Recipients to Predict Long-Term Pancreas Graft Function.

Wednesday 27th September 2017, 11.45am-2pm*
Joseph Banks Laboratories – JBL0C05

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New 2017/18 Researcher Development Programme

RDP Staff NEws

The Doctoral School is pleased to announce the launch of the NEW 2017/18 Postgraduate Researcher Development Programme which is NOW open for registration.

About the Programme

The Researcher Development Programme (RDP) is delivered by the Doctoral School and offers academic, professional and personal development through a number of training workshops and event opportunities, all intended to support the research community at the University of Lincoln.

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Got a smartphone? Start broadcasting | Bruno Torturra

In 2011, journalist Bruno Torturra covered a protest in São Paulo which turned ugly. His experience of being teargassed had a profound effect on the way he thought about his work, and he quit his job to focus on broadcasting raw, unedited experiences online. In this fascinating talk, he shares some of the ways in which he’s experimented with live streaming on the web, and how in the process he has helped to create a very modern media network.

Cumberland Lodge Colloquia Scheme 2017 | Applications Open

Colloquia Scheme 2017 Poster

The Cumberland Lodge Colloquia Scheme 2017 gives postgraduate researchers (PGRs) and early career researchers  (ECRs) the opportunity to design and run a one-day interdisciplinary conference with the support of the Cumberland Lodge team. Since Cumberland Lodge established the scheme in 2012, the subjects discussed have been incredibly varied, yet consistently seek to address topical issues facing today’s society.  The two most recent colloquia titles are listed below:

  • Social Cohesion in Times of Uncertainty, September 2017
  • Population Ethics: Interdisciplinary Perspectives on Birth and Death, September 2016

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Weekly Round Up



The Weekly Round Up provides you with another opportunity to read of the posts that the Doctoral School have posted this week!

Here you go…enjoy!

How to close your blog gracefully – Thesis Whisperer

Why do postdoctoral research? – ElisaGenie.Com

10 tips towards PhD thesis submission – PhD Life Warwick 

Persistence = Resilience – PhD Gremlin Slayer

An open letter to the ultimate imposter – Research Whisperer

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Great Lives: Stewart Lee | 17 October

stewart-lee-300x204Staff and students are invited to the next in our Great Lives series, a talk by Stewart Lee on Tuesday 17th October, Jackson Lecture Theatre, 4.00pm.

Comedian, writer and director Stewart Lee has had an incredibly varied and successful career including successfully writing award-winning TV and radio shows and directing and co-writing Jerry Springer The Opera.

Stewart Lee visits the University of Lincoln for the first time to about his career which spans across comedy, performance, writing, TV, radio, theatre and music reviewing in an informal but informative conversational session where the audience will hear a very personal and inspiring account of a career in comedy, culture and the arts overcoming adversity.

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How better tech could protect us from distraction|Tristan Harris

How often does technology interrupt us from what we really mean to be doing? At work and at play, we spend a startling amount of time distracted by pings and pop-ups — instead of helping us spend our time well, it often feels like our tech is stealing it away from us. Design thinker Tristan Harris offers thoughtful new ideas for technology that creates more meaningful interaction. He asks: “What does the future of technology look like when you’re designing for the deepest human values?”