Why I keep speaking up | Safwat Saleem

Artist Safwat Saleem grew up with a stutter — but as an independent animator, he decided to do his own voiceovers to give life to his characters. When YouTube commenters started mocking his Pakistani accent, it crushed him, and his voice began to leave his work. Hear how this TED Fellow reclaimed his voice and confidence in this charming, thoughtful talk.

How your brain decides what is beautiful | Anjan Chatterjee

Anjan Chatterjee uses tools from evolutionary psychology and cognitive neuroscience to study one of nature’s most captivating concepts: beauty.

Learn more about the science behind why certain configurations of line, color and form excite us in this fascinating, deep look inside your brain.

The Weekly Round Up



The Weekly Round Up provides you with another opportunity to read of the posts that the Doctoral School have posted this week!

Here you go…enjoy!

Things no-one tells you about doing a PhD – Assay Genie

10 Careers paths for PhDs – Jobs.ac.uk

Surviving and maybe even thriving as a careers contract researcher – Dr Pat Thomson

How to write a journal article that will please reviewers & reduce the risk of rejection – Write that PhD

How successful academics write – Thesis Whisperer

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Great Lives: Dr Michael Mosely | 11 December

Dr Michael Mosely, science presenter, writer and executive producer, will present a Great Lives Lecture on Monday 11th December.

Dr Michael Mosely is a science presenter, writer and executive producer. He is the writer and the presenter of BBC2’s The Story of Science, and is also the face of science and medicine on The One Show. Michael’s programmes on exercise (The Truth About Exercise) and diet (Eat, Fast & Live Longer – which led to the hugely popular 5:2 diet) have produced much popular and media discussion as he examined the benefits of short, high-intensity exercise and fasting for two days a week.

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5 Ways to listen better | Julian Treasure

In our louder and louder world, says sound expert Julian Treasure, “We are losing our listening.” In this short, fascinating talk, Treasure shares five ways to re-tune your ears for conscious listening — to other people and the world around you.